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Le Spa by Jan - "An independent spa in the heart of Central"

This review was written and published by Sassy Hong Kong, 3 Dec 2014.

As much as we love Hong Kong as our home, sometimes the manic pace of life and the chaos of the city can leave a girl feeling majorly stressed out. Pampering yourself and making time for YOU is important. Everyone needs that little bit of TLC when work starts piling up (we certainly do at Sassy HQ!). That’s why we’re excited to announce that a brand new spa has opened up slap bang in the middle of CentralLe Spa by Jan!
Apart from the convenient location, we want to know what makes this spa a cut above the rest. Le Spa by Jan isn’t just another chain; it’s an independent, high-quality spa with a passionate, skilled team behind it that’s looking to offer a luxurious retreat away from the hustle and bustle of HK. The sleek, clean interior makes it easy to relax, and the friendly therapists are there to make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Treatments range from manis and pedis to body scrubs and massages, and they even offer waxing, fat reduction and body contouring, and cellulite combat. Most intriguing is the 『bust care『… they certainly cater for all your needs!
However, what Sassy loves most about Le Spa By Jan is the quality of the brands they’ve chosen to use. One of our favourites, Sparitual, uses only vegan nail and body products that are certified organic and fair trade. Similarly, the Australian brand Springfields uses materials in their massage oils that are strictly non-animal based, so you really are getting natural, plant-based products. Le Spa by Jan also uses Thalgo, a brand that creates algae-based skincare products that French women swear by… we love this carefully curated selection, which proves the thought that’s gone into this unique spa!

Le Spa by Jan 自2014年開業以來,致力為忙碌的城市人提供一處奢華且寧靜的綠洲。


星期一至星期六 10:30am – 21:00pm

星期日 12:00nn – 19:30pm


地址: 中環士丹利街11號2樓全層

電話: +852 2815 3308

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