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Le Spa by Jan - "A tiny piece of Paradise"

This review was written and published by Delphine for HK Madame, 4 Nov 2015.

A place not to be missed, my crush of the month! In any case, winter is coming and we are all beginning to feel bla… 
After her extensive professional experience working in the world’s top hotels, Jan opened her own spa about a year ago. And from the moment you arrive, Jan’s huge, warm smile greets you, a radiance of positivity. There, you will get a chance to relax and try out the delicious herbal tea before being guided to one of the many beautiful spa rooms. 
The first time I tried it I was placed in Ganga』 s hands, a Nepalese therapist with magical fingers. Believe me, this session made my longstanding back ache completely disappear. In my second session, I had a deep cleansing and hydrating facial. Thanks to the microdermabrasion equipment available, I left with silky smooth, toned and clean skin. Wish it could last forever 😉 
All the wonderful, organic creams smell so good, the atmosphere is warm and cosy, it really takes you to a five star hotel… for half the price, bang in the middle of Central. 

Le Spa by Jan 自2014年開業以來,致力為忙碌的城市人提供一處奢華且寧靜的綠洲。


星期一至星期六 10:30am – 21:00pm

星期日 12:00nn – 19:30pm


地址: 中環士丹利街11號2樓全層

電話: +852 2815 3308

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