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“Sorely Needed (Pun Intended)” (5 of 5 stars on Tripadvisor. Reviewed December 3, 2015)

When I traveled to Hong Kong with my friend last month, my body was killing me from all the travel. Wearing evil, soul-and-toes-crushing shoes did most of the work, but of course there was also some general body exhaustion thrown in for funsies. By the end of our stay in Hong Kong, my body hated me and I it.

I looked up local massages and, startled by the number of positive reviews Le Spa had, I went with this one immediately. The building wasn't too difficult to find after a few days getting to know Hong Kong's layout, and the interior design of the spa itself is beautifully laid out.

I got a massage from Joyce, and she was both incredibly sweet and very good at her job. There are small touches to Le Spa that, having experienced massages elsewhere, made the place stand out. Joyce asked if I wanted to take a shower first, which sounded like a fantastic idea after trudging around in the humidity for hours (also more pleasant for the massage therapist, I imagine). That one little thing probably influenced how relaxed I was when the massage actually started.

I'm the kind of person who likes to talk during massage, and I enjoy hearing the massage therapist tell me why my body hates me ("you have a giant stone instead of muscle here," for example). Joyce could easily distinguish the source of each problem, and she managed to take my bouldered shoulders and soften the knots there significantly.

When my massage finished, Jan had been chatting with my friend for a bit. We talked to her for a while, and she recommended a Won Ton restaurant next door that was absolutely fantastic. She herself is a remarkable woman, and if I'm ever in Hong Kong again, I'll absolutely go back.

Visited November 2015

— Kyakuhonka @ 2015-12-06

“A little slice of heaven” (5 of 5 stars on Tripadvisor. Reviewed November 31, 2015)

My husband found this spa and bought me a massage and facial for my birthday. Although the spa is small it offers an intimate, friendly, personalised service and Ganga is a master of her trade. It is also very clean, has showering facilities and smells gorgeous. I have had a few spa treatments over the years and this was the best experience I have had in ages Jan is very passionate about her spa! Visited November 2015

— Stephanie B @ 2015-12-06

"The treatment is very effective" (Reviewed on lespa.hk)

Spa is not only for ladies, but also can for men! I have been warmly welcomed by Jan when I was first visiting there. The environment was very comfy and the service was personalised.
More important, the treatment is very effective and my waist has reduced significantly within a month.
Highly recommend Le Spa to you.

— Stephen @ 2015-11-28

“A hidden gem amid the hustle & bustle of Hong Kong” (5 of 5 stars on Tripadvisor. Reviewed November 22, 2015)

I found Le Spa by Jan following the recommendation of other reviewers on Trip Advisor. This gave me confidence going in, but the experience was even better than I expected. Booking the appointment was a cinch using the bookings button on the website - Jan replied promptly and we set up an appointment in no time.

The spa itself is absolutely lovely. It is a bit tricky to find (just remember that it's not a street level entrance, it's inside a commercial building) but then once you're inside it's quiet and tranquil with lovely personalized service. Jan and staff are warm and welcoming, immediately showing you to a private area to check in and enjoy a refreshment before your service (they also provide a beverage after your service). The actual massage itself was fabulous and the aesthetician took care to ensure my own comfort, for example asking at different points in the massage about intensity level.

Jan also engages her patrons in conversation before and after the service, building a personal connection that makes the experience extra special. You can just tell that she cares.

Next time I am in Hong Kong I will definitely go again, and try something else from the extensive menu of options. On the same day I went to Le Spa I also visited Happy Foot in Central. While I enjoyed my service there as well, the experience at Le Spa was far superior and far more inviting, and just made we want to go back for more. Try it out - you will not be disappointed! Visited November 2015

— Voyager104 @ 2015-11-25

“Perfect Place to Relax!” (5 of 5 stars on Tripadvisor. Reviewed November 7, 2015)

My friend and I had a wonderful experience at Le Spa by Jan! Both of us had been feeling tuckered out from work and life in general, and this was exactly what we needed. The ladies who run this business are so friendly and professional. The facility is spotless and tastefully decorated. We both felt completely at ease, and were only disappointed when our treatments were over. If I should be so lucky to find myself in Hong Kong again, I will definitely go back there. Visited October 2015

— LMGTika @ 2015-11-09

“A Deep Cleansing Facial that lead to a gem of a place.” (5 of 5 stars on Tripadvisor. Reviewed November 2, 2015)

I am writing this review after trying the deep cleansing facial at Le Jan. Le Jan is quite conveniently located near L Place,Central close to Sheung Wan MTR Station. The interior has a very relaxing and tasteful decor. Despite being late for my appointment the staff was very accommodating. I really enjoyed the welcome lemongrass drink and general introduction by Jan. The facial itself was quite effective and immediately after, I could feel the difference as my skin felt much smoother.

The masseuse used some firm facial strokes, and I am not sure if I am imagining it but my face seems to have a better shape like my younger-pre-baby-days now. My chin especially seems tucked in.Jan also gave me this wonderful essence for my acne which was only HKD100 and it cleared my acne overnight, which is incredible as most others have sold me entire kits for my acne which have always failed ... The essence itself is so sweet smelling I wish I could bathe in it.

Will be a loyal patron of this spa and their entire range of products. Am looking forward to my next facial and body massage with renewed confidence that it is going to be money well spent.

Visited October 2015

— 2208star1980 @ 2015-11-04

“Amazing experience at this hidden Hong Kong gem!” (5 of 5 stars on Tripadvisor. Reviewed October 28, 2015)

Le Spa by Jan is one of Hong Kong's greatest secrets and I had the best facial of my life there. Lovely staff, great treatments makes this a spa you should definitely visit and it's very affordable compared to some of the big name brands.

Don't expect the luxury of the Mandarin but if you are going for a top quality treatment then head to Le Spa. Visited October 2015

— rebeccad @ 2015-10-29

“A beautiful Spa in the heart of HK” (5 of 5 stars on Tripadvisor. Reviewed October 27, 2015)

Jan welcomes you like you were arriving at home. Once the door is closed you feel like disconnected from outside (what luxury in a busy city like HK). Then all the mise en scene makes you feel an important person. The staff is very friendly and respectful of your intimacy. I did waxing, facials and massage and everytime I was happy with. I warmly recommend this beautiful spa in the heart of HK (just near the Central MTR station)

Visited in October 2015

— Frederique L @ 2015-10-28

“Amazing spa in Hong Kong” (5 of 5 stars on Tripadvisor. Reviewed October 24, 2015)

My friend and I went to Le Spa by Jan during our visit to Hong Kong. We both got aroma therapy full body massages, and I can easily say this was the best massage I've ever had in my life! The spa itself is quite small but from the moment we entered everyone made us feel very welcome, and took the time to explain the different spa options to us. We were then taken to separate rooms which had very clean, wonderful showers. The therapists were fantastic, and made sure the music and lighting were suitable for us before starting. The entire experience was completely relaxing, and I would most definitely recommend it! I can't wait to go back!

— megontrip @ 2015-10-26

“Queen for the day” (5 of 5 stars on Tripadvisor. Reviewed October 11, 2015)

The kindness and care provided by Jan and her therapists is exceptional. I am so thankful for the reviews on here that directed me to this special little piece of heaven. I am celebrating my 50th bd and wanted to treat myself . I had a facial and spa pedicure and the whole experience made my soul :). Jan surprised me with cake treats! Oh I was truly feeling like a Queen. This business is very clean, pretty and peaceful. I loved the fabric on their gorgeous chair in the powder room. Jan is a sincere lovely lady whom I wish the very best of fortune and health for her family.
Visited October 2015

— Pitterpatterpen @ 2015-10-15

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