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"Thank you Jan for running this place" (5 of 5 stars on Tripadvisor. Reviewed August 11, 2015)

Went several times there already and love it more every time...The location is convenient, easy to reach from Central or Sheung Wan. The interior is tasteful and the place is spotless. You feel peace once you enter the door. The different facials I enjoyed were just perfect. All the therapists are extremely well trained and I feel literally in good hands. It's for me one of the best spas in Hong Kong. Highly recommended! Thank you Jan for running this place.

— A. D @ 2015-08-14

“Great fusion treatment experience!” (5 of 5 stars on Tripadvisor. Reviewed August 11, 2015)

I came here for a facial fusion treatment. I can say it was a 5 star treatment and more importantly it really works. I really love it. Jan and her term are friendly and professional. The spa is located in central and easy for you to get there. The place is clean and designed in elegant. I love this place. Highly recommended! Visited August 2015

— wingchanchan @ 2015-08-12

“Excellent!!” (5 of 5 stars on Tripadvisor. Reviewed August 5, 2015)

Le Spa is hidden away in a stand alone commercial building nearer the Sheung Wan side of Central, as soon as I got to 15th floor, it was indeed a nice surprise as I was quickly taken to a cozy haven, warmly greeted by Jan. Ganga my therapist, was excellent, I had a great pampering 2 hour body massage and facial of which I was asleep most of the time. It is genuine relaxation.
Visited August 2015

— Camellia288 @ 2015-08-06

“Great location, first class spa!” (5 of 5 stars on Tripadvisor)

The location is great for anyone who lives in Sheung Wan or Central. When you arrive on the 15th floor, you immediately realize that the spa is designed extremely well. The environment feels very comforting and the hot tea is tasty! More importantly, Jan and Ayako were great hostesses and the foot massage left me feeling fantastic afterwards.

— Michael F @ 2015-08-03

“Feel like a Queen” (5 of 5 stars on Tripadvisor)

I love this place! Recommended by a friend and has done various treatment since. Waxing is done with tender loving care making sure you feel absolutely comfortable. I passed my due date on my last waxing treatment and Amanda took such great care of me. (TMI: I was so glad I made it for waxing before giving birth, it was so much more pleasant... Could not have imagine the bushy mess I have to endure if I didn't do it!!!)
Massage and facial is just so lovely. I was sooooo relax and pamper to the maximum level. I can't wait to book another treatment!!! I am also booking something for my husband to enjoy!
Visited July 2015

— coalai @ 2015-08-03

"In all, a really good experience from the first moment" (5 of 5 stars on Tripadvisor)

I bought a massage and facial for my girlfriend. I worked with Jan to organize the whole thing and it really came together great. My gf raved about the hydration facial and wanted to keep on the moisturizer the rest of the day. Ganga was her masseuse and is excellent. In all, a really good experience from the first moment of contact through to the completion of the massage and facial. Thank you, Jan!

— Benjamin Aaron S @ 2015-07-31

“A Great Spa in Hong Kong” (5 of 5 stars on Tripadvisor)

I am always looking forward to my hydrating facial session at Le Spa. The spa itself is very clean and the bed is heavenly comfortable. Ganga, my therapist, is simply wonderful and her magic touch is so soothing and relaxing!

— David Kung @ 2015-07-04

"Such a lovely place to visit"

Le Spa is such a lovely place to visit. The treatments are 5* and the therapists are so warm and friendly. Jan, the owner, has designed Le Spa to her own exacting standards - super clean, attention to detail, the best products and always a personal welcome. Visited July 2015

— Christine @ 2015-07-01

"A great boutique Spa!" (5 of 5 stars on Tripadvisor)

Ganga was my therapist and I can honestly say it was one of the best treatments I've had in HK. I had the massage, facial and eye treatment. Having trained in massage and reflexology, I can honestly say this was a 5 star treatment with a wonderful therapist who knows her stuff. Even the extraction (usually something I hate) was mild and gentle - not even a wince from me! Lots of care and attention give.
Visited May 2015

— ShalM @ 2015-06-22

“An oasis in HK” (5 of 5 stars on Tripadvisor)

I had the Aroma Relaxation Massage, the Absolute Hydration Facial and the Eye Uplifting Care, all done by Ganga. The place itself was lovely - clean, pleasant to the eyes and very soothing. The massage was soothing and dealt with my muscle stiffness without making me feel beat up. I told Ganga that my lower back was particularly stiff, and the special massage she did on that area was absolute magic! I really liked how each movement of Ganga was deliberate and precise. The facial and eye treatment were very pleasant, and did exactly what was claimed. My skin was soft and supple and my eyes were less puffy! The products used are excellent. I have visited a lot of spas of different calibers and in different countries, and I believe this is well worth a visit, for the ambience, the services and the price.

— Natasha R @ 2015-06-18

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