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"You made my day a really pleasant one"

Very recommendable! Loved the spa and the wonderful relaxing treatment of massage and the Thalgo hydration facial. Thank you Jan and Ayako, you made my day a really pleasant one.

— A. (via lespa.hk) @ 2015-03-18

"I highly recommend Le Spa"

I had a wonderful experience at Le Spa: the staff is professional and friendly, the products are among the best you can ask for, and the place is elegant and relaxing. I had a microdermabrasion (15 minutes) and a Thalgo intensive hydration facial (more than 60 minutes) and it was great! Very relaxing and the skin really looked different: smoother, lighter and younger. I highly recommend Le Spa. Thank you very much, Jan!

— Beatrice (via lespa.hk) @ 2015-03-10

"I truly felt amazing afterwards"

If you are looking for a spa with a personal touch, this is the spa to go to! Jan and her team are lovely and amazing. The massage was great, the microdermabrasion too - I truly felt amazing afterwards!

— Yolanda (via lespa.hk) @ 2015-03-06

"Love the friendly and stylish approach of Jan and her team"

Went already twice! Love the friendly and stylish approach of Jan and her team. A place many could take as an example for excellent customer care.

— Veerle T (via lespa.hk) @ 2015-02-17

"So relaxing and the staff there are fantastic"

Popped into our friends new spa today and had the best hot stone massage! So relaxing and the staff there are fantastic.
HK friends, you've got to try this place out, there are so many services available and you'll be guaranteed to be treated well here.
Thanks Jan!

— Pam Saun-Wall (via lespa.hk) @ 2015-01-21

“Enjoy so much!” (4 of 5 stars on Facebook)

來到Le Spa 做body and facial massage. 環境好舒服,好似在國外hotel做treatments般,美容師好有耐性解釋每個步驟,技術和服務都不錯, enjoy so much!

— Rachel Chow @ 2014-12-19

"Fantastic service and care" (5 of 5 stars on Facebook)

Le Spa uses the best Thalgo products from France. Fantastic service and care. Very professional and the owner Janly is lovely. Wonderful experience from start to finish. Highly recommended.

— Julia Le @ 2014-12-07

“Had a fantastic deep tissue massage” (3 of 5 stars on Facebook)

I had a fantastic deep tissue massage today in one of your private rooms. Your therapist was simply amazing and I felt relaxed during the whole experience.

— Sylvia Lau @ 2014-12-06

“Thank you Jan and your team for this beautiful moment” (4 of 5 stars on Facebook)

Le Spa is an elegant and cosy place. Jan is a friendly lady who welcomes you as if you were at home (she gave you sleepers to enter in her Spa :)). I did a body scrub and aroma relaxation massage and it was great :). I was looking for a "real" relaxing massage with a good smell, a good not too deep and too soft massage and I found it :). The therapist was very good. Thank you Jan and your team for this beautiful moment

— Frédérique Le Priol @ 2014-12-05

"Perfect" (5 of 5 stars on Facebook)

不得不稱讚一下LE SPA 真係有好貼心既服務 .因為我主力係想廋面,佢地推介左我做個 Laser fusion 3D lift facial , 亦有好詳細咁解釋成個療程 , 仲叫我做個treatment 前先影張相 ,做完之後就可以睇到個成效同分別 . 成個過程都好relax ,美容師的手勢真係好純熟同柔和,但更期待係出黎既效果 .果然無令我失望,面既兩旁真係緊緻同提升左 .I'm so excited ,真係即時睇到個分別. 個美容師最後亦建議我keep 住做呢個療程 6 次個效果更perfect ,以家仲做緊promotion 有50% off 真係好優惠 .真係多謝你們既推介 ,效果真的很滿意!!!!

— Albee Chan (via Facebook) @ 2014-12-03

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