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Le Spa by Jan - "Hotel luxury at affordable prices"

By Tessa Chan and published in SCMP 48 Hours magazine's 15 Jan 2015 Issue. 


Opened by Chinese-Canadian Jan Chan Le, Le Spa by Jan is a new independent salon that aims to offer the same level of service and results found at luxury hotel spas, only at more reasonable prices. It specialises in non-invasive laser treatments, but I opt for the more straightforward Meridian massage and Silicium Super Lift Facial.


I arrive to the sound of jackhammers outside, but fortunately, once I go inside it's quiet and relaxing. My massage therapist, Ganga from Nepal, chats with me about her background as she cleans my feet. Designed to release the body's flow of "chi", the meridian massage that follows involves occasional kneading of pressure points, but feels more like a deep relaxation massage than traditional Chinese therapy. The room is modest, though not cramped — it has a walk-in shower, and the bed has a comfortable head rest.


A different therapist comes in for the Thalgo Silicium facial, which involves the use of silicium extract and massage techniques for firming and lifting.


20150115 48 thalgo


A series of Thalgo serums and lotions are applied, followed by "finger walking" up and down my cheeks, and fast, repetitive upward strokes to encourage blood circulation and collagen synthesis. It's quite vigorous, but not painful — like having a particularly persistent auntie pinching your cheeks.


Refreshing mists are then sprayed, more products layered, followed by having my face wrapped in clothes — it feels like a mummification process, but with an algae-based mask applied on top. While the mask is doing its work, the therapist gives me a head massage.


Afterwards, I'm pleasantly surprised to see that my face has noticeably lifted, and looks taut — glowing, even. I walk out feeling a little smug, with no make-up. The effect only lasts a few days, so save this one for a special occasion.



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