THERMATRIX - GFR(TM)  Technology



- Less optical energy, improves safety for all skin types

- Non-invasive wrinkle treatment

- Fast treatment, immediate visible results

- A new category of fractional skin treatments

- High dermal impact, low epidermal disruption for all skin types



  • Instant effect: Immediate collagen contraction

 Heated to the correct temperature over time may cause the breakage of intramolecular hydrogen bonds and induce immediate tissue tightening

  • Collagen remodeling, tightening over time

 Dermal remodeling is thought to occur fibroblast activation and new collagen deposition


Price list:

Full Face HK$1400
Eye  HK$650

Neck HK$650



Cellcore - Intensive Hydration Active treatment


Cellcore - the deep cell hydro-repair system technology from Switzerland, to give your skin splendid water frest sensation. 


Thermatrix Cellcore Collagen Facial (105mins / HK$2100)

Enjoy full face Thermarix collagen boots up treatment with Cellcore intensive hydration active treatment. 

Thermatrix Cellcore Intensive Eye Treatment (60mins / HK$1100)

To reduce crow’s feet and enhance eye contour, use Thermarix with Cellcore eye treatment. 



About Thermatrix



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